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OM Perk offerings (Questions below)

From: Chinelo Osakwe

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What rent discounts are offered to employees? Does it vary based on position? What % by employee class takes advantage of it (% of property managers, % of service managers, % of service techs, etc)? Any stipulations in place for the discount?

What, is your bonus structure for on-site employees? The more details, the better-what is it based on (NOI/personal performance/other), who gets it and at what %, when is it calculated/paid out?

Are you offering sign on bonuses and if so, how much and for what positions?

Any other perks/bonuses offered?

Are you offering annual increases and if so, what is the average %? Are increases done at employee anniversary date, once a year at the same time for all, other?

Current pay ranges for all positions, even if an overall/general range provided, would be helpful. This could get really granular based on # of units/# of properties/type of properties/experience level/desperation level! -not sure how detailed you usually go.

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